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  •   Large Scale Cloud and Star Formation in the Milky Way revealed by Hi-GAL - Molinari accepted
  • ATLASGAL and Spectroscopic Followups - Menten accepted, best Friday  /Wyrowski
  • The Bolocam Survey of the Galactic Plane - Bally - accepted
  • Characterization of Cloud Structure - Andre - accepted
  • Signatures of Molecular Cloud Formation – Glover  accepted,
  • Signatures of Molecular Cloud Formation – Dobbs accepted
  • Large Scale Spectroscopic Surveys – Heyer accepted, Andrew Walsh (MOPRA) - accepted (2 Talks)
  • High Spatial Resolution Large Scale Surveys  - Carpenter accepted
  • Transition from Atomic to Molecular Gas – Goldsmith accepted, best Wednesday or Thursday
  • Lines at THz frequencies - lessons learned from HIFI - Lis accepted
  • ALMA and CCAT - synergies - Wootten accepted, ASAC meeting shifted
  • SOFIA and CCAT - synergies - Zinnecker accepted, conditional, suggests Sandell as replacement
  •  Molecular Gas and Dust in Nearby Galaxies  – Fabian Walter accepted
  • High resolution absorption spectroscopy of galactic nuclei – Maryvonne Gerin - accepted
  • Comets - Hartogh 80% probability on Friday
  • Large high resolution array development - Graf accepted
  •  High-resolution wide-band spectrometers for Large Heterodyne Arrays         - Klein accepted