List of posters

Blank, MarvinThe Starburst-AGN Connection
Bremer, MarkusThe Starburst-AGN connection in the NUGA liner galaxy NGC5850
Brodatzki, Katharina Anna Internal gamma-gamma-opacity in the LLAGNs M87 & Cen A
Bursa, Michal Time-resolved X-ray polarimetry as a tool to probe accretion flow structure
Czerny, Bozena Constraints on the nature of the QPO in RE J1034+396 from the wavelet analysis
Dovciak, Michal X-ray polarization in the lamp-post model of black-hole accretion discs
Endo, Wataru Quasi-Periodic-Oscillations of Sagittarius A* in Short Millimeter-wave
Fischer, Sebastian A close look at Seyfert 2 nuclei with NIR integral field spectroscopy
Goicoechea, Luis Julian Continuum reverberation mapping in a z = 1.41 radio-loud quasar
Goosmann, Rene The fragmented structure of the X-ray warm absorber in NGC 3783
Grossberger, Christoph Structural variability of 3C 111 on parsec scales
Haas, JaroslavDynamical evolution of thin stellar discs
Hryniewicz, Krzysztof Probing broad-line region of the weak line quasar SDSS J094533.99+100950.1
Hwang, Chorng-Yuan Star Formation in the Central Kiloparsce of Nearby AGN Galaxies
Ikhsanov, Nazar Magnetically Controlled Spherical Accretion onto Black Holes
Kunneriath, DevakyThe Galactic centre mini-spiral
König, SabineMassive galaxies at high redshifts: TNJ 1338-1942
König, SabineWater megamasers in nearby QSOs
Lee, Ansun Gas Inflow from the Central Few Hundred Parsec to the Few Parsec Regions
Marin, Frederic Modeling the polarization of Seyfert galaxies from the optical to the X-ray band
Messineo, Maria Classification of bright evolved stars with 2MASS and GLIMPSE data.
Pan, Hsi-An Formation of Dense Molecular Gas and Stars in the Circumnuclear Starburst Ring of Barred Galaxy NGC 7552
Prandoni, Isabella Molecular disks in radio galaxies: the pathway to ALMA
Rosenberg, Marissa SINFONI Observations of 19 Galactic Centers: Colors and Continuum
Ruff, Andrea H and He emission line ratios as diagnostics of the BLR
Sabha, NadeenThe Galactic Center in Mid-Infrared
Schinzel, Frank The long-term evolution of the parsec scale jet in 3C 345
Schnülle, Kirsten Charged Balanced Black Rings in Five Dimensions
Shahzamanian Sichani, Banafsheh spectral evolution of field galaxies
Valencia-S., Monica Modeling the Activity of the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center
Vitale, Mariangela Evolution of galaxy spectral properties up to redshift one: searching for AGN-feedback signature.
Westhues, ChristianPhotometric AGN reverberation mapping