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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the successor of the famous Hubble Space Telescope.
On these pages, you will find general information on the satellite, its instruments and science goals, and information on the hardware-contribution of the 1st Institute of Physics to JWST, namely the Low Resolution Double Prism Assembly.
JWST will be one of the most important cornerstone astronomical projects of NASA and ESA for the next decade. It is a space bourne 6.5m telescope for the infrared wavelength range.
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The infrared optimised JWST will give new insights on some of the hottest topics in modern Astronomy, such as the birth of young stars and planets, or the phase of reionisation of the universe.
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The Eckart group of the 1st Institute of Physics of the University of Cologne is part of a large European Consortium which is involved in creating the Mid-Infrared Instrument for JWST.
We are building the Low Resolution Double Prism Assembly (LRSDPA), which adds the option of highly sensitive, low resolution spectroscopy at wavelengths of 5-10 microns to the MIRI imager. read more
Here you will find images, videos and posters:
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