Methane; monodeuterated isotopolog with 13C
Species tag 018504
Date of EntryJune 2009
ContributorsH. S. P. Müller
B. J. Drouin

This entry is a combined CDMS and JPL entry.
The rotational transition frequencies were taken from
(1) B. J. Drouin, S. Yu, J. C. Pearson, and H. S. P. Müller 2009, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 110, 2077.
In addition, infrared ground state combination differences were used in the fit. These were published in
(3) C. Chackerian, Jr., and G. Guelachvili, 1980, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 88, 244.
Additional spectroscopic parameters were taken from the 12C species, see e017503.cat.
Predictions with uncertainties larger than 1 MHz should be viewed with some caution.
At low temperatures, it may be necessary to discern between A-13CH3D and E-13CH3D. The A state levels are described by K = 3n, those of E state by K = 3n ± 1. The nuclear spin-weight ratio is 2 : 1 for A-13CH3D with K > 0 and all other states, respectively. The JK = 11 level is the lowest E state level. It is 9.1240 cm–1 above ground.
The dipole moment and distortion corrections were assumed to agree with the 12C species, see e017503.cat.
As the distortion effects are rather large the intensities should be viewed with increasing caution beyond J of about 8.

Lines Listed84
Frequency / GHz< 4375
Max. J19
log STR0-8.0
log STR1-8.5
Isotope Corr.-5.90
Egy / (cm–1)0.0
 µa / D0.0057
 µb / D 
 µc / D 
detected in ISM/CSMno

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