Lithium hydroxide, 1Σ+
Species tag 024502
Date of EntrySep. 2009
ContributorH. S. P. Müller

The observed transitions were taken from
(1) K. J. Higgins, S. M. Freund, W. Klemperer, A. J. Apponi, and L. M. Ziurys, 2004, J. Chem. Phys. 121, 11715
The predictions should be reliable up to about 1.0, maybe even 1.5 THz.
7Li hyperfine splitting has been resolved in the laboratory, but is unlikely resolvable in astronomical sources.
The dipole moment was from S. M. Freund's PhD thesis and was cited in (1).

Lines Listed43
Frequency / GHz< 2972
Max. J43
log STR0-4.0
log STR1-4.0
Isotope Corr.-0.0354
Egy / cm–10.0
 µa / D4.755
 µb / D 
 µc / D 
 A / MHz 
 B / MHz35342.85
 C / MHz 
detected in ISM/CSMno

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