Hydroxymethylium, protonated formaldehyde
Species tag 031504
Date of EntryOct. 2006
ContributorH. S. P. Müller

The experimental data were reported by
(1) D. Chomiak, A. Taleb-Bendiab, S. Civis, and T. Amano, 1994, Can. J. Phys. 72, 1078; and by
(2) L. Dore, G. Cazzoli, S. Civis, and F. Scappini, 1995, Chem. Phys. Lett. 244, 145.
The experimental data cover a fairly small quantum number range. Predictions with uncertainties larger than about 1 MHz should be viewed with caution.
With respect to the Apr. 2000 entry, the new entry considers ab initio dipole moment components from
(3) P. Botschwina and S. Schmatz. In: C.-Y. Ng, T. Baer and I. Powis, Editors, The Structure, Energetics and Dynamics of Organic Ions, Wiley, New York (1996).

Lines Listed1612
Frequency / GHz< 2500
Max. J38
log STR0-6.7
log STR1-4.5
Isotope Corr.0.0
Egy / cm–10.0
 µa / D1.387
 µb / D1.776
 µc / D 
 A / MHz197581.56
 B / MHz34350.55
 C / MHz29172.65
detected in ISM/CSMyes

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