13CF+, v = 0, 1
Fluoromethylidynium, X 1Σ+, 13C isotopolog, v = 0, 1
Species tag 032509
Date of EntryFeb. 2010
ContributorH. S. P. Müller

Rotational transitions of CF+ and 13CF+ were used in a combined fit. These transitions were measured by
(1) G. Cazzoli, L. Cludi, C. Puzzarini and J. Gauss, 2010, Astron. Astrophys., 509, A1.
The uncertainties were confirmed to be judged conservatively; 20 kHz were used here.
Infrared transitions were taken from
(2) K. Kawaguchi and E. Hirota, 1985, J. Chem. Phys., 83, 1437;
and from
(3) M. Gruebele, M. Polak, and R. J. Saykally, 1986, Chem. Phys. Lett., 125, 165.
Some higher order parameters were kept fixed to values from (3) which were derived from a fit to potential coefficients. Predictions should be viewed with caution above 1.5 THz. The excited state predictions should be viewed with some caution throughout.
The partition function takes into account vibrational states. Individual contributions > 0 are given in parentheses.
The dipole moments were assumed to agree with those of the main isotopolog, see e031507.cat.

Lines Listed63
Frequency / GHz< 3866
Max. J40
log STR0-7.0
log STR1-7.0
Isotope Corr.-1.971
Egy / (cm–1)0.0 / 1724.7
 µa / D1.072 / 1.132
 µb / D 
 µc / D 
 A / MHz 
 B / MHz48875.05 / 48352.
 C / MHz 
 Q(500.0)215.3398 (213.8171, 1.5113)
 Q(300.0)128.3797 (128.3465, 0.0332)
 Q(225.0)96.3234 (96.3218, 0.0016)
 Q(150.0)64.3118 (64.3118)
 Q(75.00)32.3169 (32.3169)
 Q(37.50)16.3265 (16.3265)
 Q(18.75)8.3359 (8.3359)
 Q(9.375)4.3478 (4.3478)
detected in ISM/CSMno

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