C3, ν2
C3, ν2 band
Species tag 036502
Date of EntryMar. 2006
ContributorH. S. P. Müller
F. Lewen

The ν2 rovibrational transitions have been summarized by
(1) R. Gendriesch, K. Pehl, T. Giesen, G. Winnewisser, and F. Lewen, 2003, Z. Naturforsh. 58a, 129.
Combination differences from
(2) K. Kawaguchi, K. Matsumura, H. Kanamori, and E. Hirota, 1989, J. Chem. Phys. 91, 1953
were also used in the analysis.
Transitions with uncertainties larger than 1 MHz have not been merged.
With respect to the Feb. 2003 entry, the intensity cut-off has been lowered because the P(2) transition was missing. In addition, the partition function has been corrected. Note: Uncertainties of 999.9999 MHz or 0.03336 cm–1 are the largest ones displayed ! The partition function takes into account v = 0 and v2 = 1 only ! Individual contribution are given in parentheses.
The version number has been retained.
The transition dipole moment is from an ab initio calculation by
(3) P. Jensen, C. McMichael Rohlfing, and J. Almlöf, 1992, J. Chem. Phys. 97, 3399.

Lines Listed66
Frequency / GHz< 3198
Max. J46
log STR0-100
log STR1-4.1
Isotope Corr.0
Egy / cm-163.4166
 µa / D 
 µb / D0.437
 µc / D 
 A / MHz 
 B / MHz12908.2, 13262.9
 C / MHz 
 Q(300.0)592.4516 (243.0002, 349.4514)
 Q(225.0)418.8333 (182.1749, 236.6585)
 Q(150.0)250.1676 (121.4209, 128.7467)
 Q(75.00)95.7963 (60.7484, 35.0478)
 Q(37.50)35.6488 (30.4460, 5.2028)
 Q(18.75)15.5336 (15.3041, 0.2295)
 Q(9.375)7.7372 (7.7363, 0.0009)
detected in ISM/CSMyes

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