The NANTEN2 site

The NANTEN2 observatory is located on Pampa la Bola in the Chilean Atacama desert at an altitude of 4865 m.

Coordinates: Long.: -67:42:08 Lat.: -22:57:47

Landsat image of the Atacama desert near San Pedro de Atacama. The approximate locations of the ALMA, APEX, ASTE, and NANTEN2 observatories are indicated. (Image courtesy of ESO/Cornell U.)


The NANTEN2 (left) and ASTE (right) observatories on Pampa la Bola.


The excellent atmospheric conditions of the high altitude sites in the Atacama are reflected by measurements obtained during the ALMA site characterization collected here by Simon Radford.

Cumulative monthly 250 GHz opacity distribution calculated from the ALMA site characterization measurements.