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Galactic Center Science at the University of Cologne

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Sagittarius A* Stellar Population ISM/Other
Polarized NIR and X-ray flares from Sgr A* The structure of the nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way The Interstellar and Circumstellar Medium at the GC
The possibility of detecting Sagittarius A* in the MIR An intermediate mass black hole in IRS 13E? Young stars in the GC complex IRS 13E?
The Orbiting Spot Model for Near-Infrared Flares of Sgr A* Interferometric observations of IRS 3 and IRS 7 with VLTI Proper motion of thin dust filaments at the Galactic Center

The Variable Emission from Sagittarius A*

Mid-Infrared Observations of the GC The Galactic Center between 8 and 20 µm
Stellar dynamics near the central black hole