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I. Physikalisches Institut

Workgroup of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stutzki

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Main research topics are

  1. the dense interstellar medium, its structure, physical and chemical conditions, and
  2. astronomical instrumentation for the submm and far-IR spectral range

The following projects are part of the group's effort:

  • Astronomy:
    • Conditions and impact of star formation
    • Structure analysis of the ISM
    • PDR-modelling
    • Large scale mapping of Galactic molecular clouds and nearby external galaxies
  • Hardware:
    • Development: heterodyne mixers and receivers
    • HIFI/Herschel: Band 2 mixers and Wide-Band-Spectrometer
    • NANTEN2: SMART heterodyne array instrument
      SOFIA: (up)GREAT array and 4GREAT heterodyne instruments
      CCAT-pathfinder: CHAI (CCAT Heterodyne Array Instrument)
    • Observatories: NANTEN2, SOFIA, CCAT-pathfinder
  • Software:
    • Observing Software: kosma_control
    • Heterodyne Instrument Simulator