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Planetary Atmospheres

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The Venusian Upper Atmosphere:

Mid Infrared heterodyne spectroscopy provides an extraordinary high spectral resolution of R=107and single molecular transitions lines can be fully resolved. Such lines contain information about physical parameters like temperatures, Doppler-winds or abundances.


Currently there are worldwide only three such instruments capabel to observer planetary atmospheres:

  1. the Cologne based instrument "THIS - Tuneable Heterodyne Infrared Spectrometer"
  2. the NASA GSFC instrument "HIPWAC - Heterodyne Instrument for Planetary Wind And Composition"
  3. recently a third instrument "iCHIPS - infrared Compact Heterodyne Instrument for Planetary Science" was setup at the Universtiy of Cologne,  dedicate to probe the telluric atmosphere.


Ongoing Projects:


  • Investigations on the atmophere of Venus



  • Investigations on the atmophere of Earth  



  • Investigations on the atmosphere of Mars








Future Plans:

  • Zonal Winds on Titan
  • Photochemistry in Planetary Atmosheres
  • Ozone on Mars
  • Ethane on Jupiter
  • Earth`s atmosphere trace gases



Publications: go to "Publications"


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