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Key Questions

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To provide an overview about current ideas on the field and to provide a basis for further discussion, we compiled the following questions.

You may use this as an appetizer during the workshop. You can also let us know your view via

We plan to include a summary of your answers, comments, suggestions, together with your name, in the proceedings of the workshop.

Key questions


1.      What have we learned from observations of the Galactic center and the nearby galaxies about accretion onto SMBHs, circumnuclear star formation and their relation?

2.      Are NLS1s a “special class” of AGN?

3.      How are jets and outflows related to the accretion radiative efficiency and the black hole spin?

4.      What is the structure of the BLR and how is it connected to the (toroidal) obscuration?

5.      How much can we trust the different black hole mass estimation methods? 

6.      Do non-HBLR exist or is the lack of broad lines in these objects a matter of observational biases (e.g., spatial resolution, sensitivity)?

7.      What is the character of the AGN - star formation relation at low/high redshifts: coincidental, causal, self-regulated?


Thank you very much!
The organizers