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Research Activities in the Laboratory Astrophysics Group

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In the Molecular Astrophysics Group we investigate the quantum physics of interstellar molecules. We develop special techniques to hunt for new molecules in the laboratory and in space. Our scientific motivation, the instruments, experimental techniques and typical results are briefly explained in a small brochure . In the table below molecules are ordered by the techniques being used for their investigation. Details can be found by clicking on molecular formulae and technique names.

Species & ProjectsSpectroscopyCold ChemistryTheoryObservation
Gas Cells Supersonic Jets Ion Traps
Neutral MoleculesC3H8O2; C4H9CN; C2H5CHO; CH3OCH3; C2H5OH; CH3CN; CH3SH; n-C3H7CNpara-H2Rotationally highly excited moleculesc-C3D2; C2H5CHO; CH3OCH3; C2H5OH; CH3SH; n-C3H7CN
IonsCO+CH2D+; CH5+; CH+; H2D+; O2H+; OH; CF+; l-C3H+; NH3D+O2H+Reconstruction of the Energy Levels of CH5+; Superrotation; Modelling Multipole RF Traps
ClustersCarbon-rich clustersCH3+ - He; He - HCO+Superrotation