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Infrared instrumentation for Large Interferometric Arrays

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The institute is already strongly involved in several international projects e.g. for VLTI, LBT, SOFIA, Herschel, JWST, APEX, ALMA. In the context of the institute involvement in long-baseline interferometry, the 1st Physics Institute coordinates the BMBF-funded instrumentation project ALSI (Advanced Laser- writing for Stellar Interferometry) in collaboration with the University of Jena and the Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, which are among the major institutions in the field of astronomical instrumentation. The ALSI project is aiming at developing new photonic-based solutions fabricated by ultrafast laser writing techniques, which will become the future key components for interferometric multi-aperture beam combination and fringe- tracking. 

Within this project, the student will focus on building the multi-aperture interferometric lab test bench in the K and L bands. Under the supervision of the group’s staff, the student will take responsibility of the interferometric lab characterization phase to validate the technology and provide feedback to our technological partner in Jena, with whom he/she will be in regular contact and report to through frequent visits. The goal of the PhD project is to demonstrate that laser-written integrated-optics hardware is technically suitable for interferometric combination in the K and L bands. 

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