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Measurement of a very accurate transition frequency (1 ppb) of an anion by action spectroscopy

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P. Jusko, O. Asvany, A.-C. Wallerstein, S. Brünken, and S. Schlemmer
report in this weeks Physical Review Letters on
Two-Photon Rotational Action Spectroscopy of Cold OH at 1 ppb Accuracy.

An IR-THz double-resonance light induced reaction (LIR) depletion technique was employed to record the fundamental rotational transition J = 1 – 0 of OH near 1.123 THz in a 4 K 22-pole ion trapping machine with an accuray of 1.4 kHz or about one part in a billion. An improvement in accuracy of more than two orders of magnitude was achieved with respect to the previous laboratory measurement.

The article was highlighted as editors' suggestion in PRL.

(hspm 2014-06-27)