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ALMA Workshop notes

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General discussion October 5th

How to give proper credit to providers of data:

  • John Pearson:
    • standard about how this should be done, contact ApJ, A&A, MNRAS
    • HITRAN writes paper on significant updates periodically
    • Laboratory spectroscopists need to get involved in astronomical papers to survive
  • Brian Drouin:
    • analysis tools have to privide a list
  • Gary Ferland:
    • Cloudy has a perl script to produce this reference list
    • Particle Physics: summary of advances in particle physics, paper with 200 authors, gets lots of citations
    • Meta-codes (particularly in the VO age) has to tell the users where the data came from
  • Jonathan Tennyson
    • HITRAN does it in a similar way
    • sometimes unclear at all where data come from: responsibility of referees
  • Susana Widicus-Weaver
    • similar model in chemistry, enforced by journals not to cite web site
  • Frank de Lucia
    • problem of who gets the names on the papers
    • have to rely on providers to get the right reference list
    • important for younger people trying to get jobs
  • Holger Müller
    • JPL/CDMS will ask users to accept a certain way to cite things, give serveral level citation option, including original contributions
  • Eric Herbst
    • does not think it's really a problem, since there are many citations already



It may be best to write a HITRAN-like summary paper every couple of years, that has to be cited.