On this page I collect software that I wrote over the last years.

Mathematica notebooks and packages

WCSTools - a Mathematica package to display astronomical FITS images together with WCS coordinate grids.

EscapeProbability - extends the capabilities of Mathematica to solve the radiative transfer problem (in the astronomical context) using the escape probability approximation.

HDF4Import - a small Mathematica package to access Vdata sets in HDF4 data files.

UMIST - a Mathematica package to  process the UMIST Database for Astrochemistry (UDfA) contents and create isotopic variants of the reaction equations and the corresponding rates.

SpectrumPlot - a large Mathematica package to  access astronomical (spectroscopic) data from FITS files (various non-standard FITS variants are supported) and to further process the spectroscopic data.