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"THIS" Team:


first row (left to right):

  • BSc. Stephanie Blank (former member)
  • Dr. Dusan Stupar (former member)
  • BSc. Maren Herrmann (active member)
  • MSc. Pia Kraus (active member)

second row (left to right):

  • Dr. Manuela Sornig (active member)
  • Dipl.-Phys. Tobias Stangier (active member)
  • Dr. Guido Sonnabend (former member)


  • BSc. Caro Wischnewski (active member)
  • Johanna Böhm (active member)



Project Management:

  Dr. Manuela Sornig1, 2 email



  Tobias Stangier1 email


Pia Krause1, 2


Graduate Students:

  Maren Herrmann1, 2 email

  Carolin Wischnewski1, 2    

Undergrad. Students:

  Johanna Böhm1    

Former Members:


Dr. Guido Sonnabend1

  Dusan Stupar1 (PhD) email
  Peter Kroetz1 (PhD)  
  Caspar Reinerth1 (Bac)  
  Stephanie Blank1 (Bac)  



Bachelor and Master thesis subjects are available in the following areas:

  • instrument development: the heterodyne spectrometer is constantly improved and maintained
  • data analysis: observations are ongoing and various aspects of the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are studied with a focus on dynamical properties and mesospheric temperatures

Recent topics included:


For information as well as a lab/instrument - tour feel free to contact :

Manuela Sornig (470-6215),

@ MSO_2013-10