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Dr. Manuela Sornig

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name: Manuela Sornig

affiliation: (1) Rhenisch Institute for Environmental Science at the University of Cologne,

                   Department for Planetary Science

               (2) I.Physical Institute, University of Cologne

subject: Planetary Atmospheres (Venus, Mars, Earth), Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy, Ground-based Observations,


             tel: +49 221 470 6215

             fax: +49 221 470 5162




recent publications 2013:

"Venus’ upper atmospheric dynamical structure from ground-based observations shortly before and after Venus’ inferior conjunction 2009", Sornig et al., Icarus, 2013

"Comparison of general circulation model atmospheric wave simulations with wind observations of venusian mesosphere", Nakagawa et al., Icarus, 2013

"A search for methane in the atmosphere of Mars using ground-based mid infrared heterodyne spectroscopy", Sonnabend et al., Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 2013, in press


publications 2012:

"Direct wind measurements from November 2007 in Venus’ upper atmosphere using ground-based heterodyne spectroscopy of CO2 at 10 lm wavelength", Sornig et al., Icarus, 2012

"Thermospheric/mesospheric temperatures on Venus: Results from ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy of CO2 in 1990/1991 and comparison to results from 2009 and between other techniques", Sonnabend et al., Icarus,2012

"Mars mesospheric zonal wind around northern spring equinox from infrared heterodyne observations of CO2", Sonnabend et al., Icarus, 2012


publications 2011:

"Modelling theatmosphericCO2 10-mm non-thermalemissioninMarsand Venus a thighspectralresolution", Lopez-Valverde et al., PSS, 2011


publications 2010:

"Direct observations of Venus upper mesospheric temperatures from ground based spectroscopy of CO2", Sonnabend et al., GRL, 2010


publications 2008:

"Venus upper atmosphere winds from ground-based heterodyne spectroscopy of CO2 at 10 mm wavelength", Sornig et al., PSS, 2008

"Fully reflective external-cavity setup for quantumcascade lasers as a local oscillator in mid-infrared wavelength heterodyne spectroscopy", Stupar et al., Applied Optics, 2008

"Temperatures in Venus upper atmosphere from mid-infrared heterodyne spectroscopy of CO2 around 10 mm wavelength", Sonnabend et al., PSS, 2008

"Ultra high spectral resolution observations of planetary atmospheres using the Cologne tuneable heterodyne infrared spectrometer", Sonnabend et al., JQSRT, 2008

"Applications for quantum cascade lasers and detectors in mid-infrared high-resolution heterodyne astronomy", Kroetz et al., Applied Physics, 2008


publications before 2008:

"High spatial resolution mapping of Mars mesospheric zonal winds by infrared heterodyne spectroscopy of CO2", Sonnabend et al., GRL, 2006

"The evolution of the galaxy cluster luminosity-temperature relation", Novicki et al., The Astronomical Journal, 2002