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The 5th Zermatt ISM Symposium

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Conditions and impact of star formation:

New results with Herschel and beyond

Zermatt. Switzerland
2010, September 19 -24


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Program, Talks, Poster, Session I

All invited and contributed talks will appear in the printed version of the proceedings. A limited number of posters will be selected and also be printed in the proceedings. The authors of the selected posters will be notified by email. All talks and posters will be made available on this conference web page.

The deadline for submission of your article has been extended. Please send us your article (in TeX format) no later than

Friday, February 20th, 2011

Please use the TeX template and style files included in this tarball to prepare your manuscript. Make sure that your article does not violate the total page count. The total page count for the different contributions is as follows:

Reviews: 10 pages
Invited talks: 6 pages
Contributed talks: 4 pages
Selected poster contributions: 2 pages

These numbers include figures, references, etc..

The printed version of the proceedings will be in black and white. Only the online proceedings will be published in color. If possible, you should, therefore, prepare color figures in a way that they are readable in black and white.

Final program

Talks online!

Abstract Book online!

Overview of sessions

Herschel status and perspectives
  • Overview and instrument talks
Extreme star formation
  • Gas and dust at high-z
  • First generation star and galaxy formation
  • Distributed vs. nuclear or system-wide star formation
  • ULIRGs
  • AGN
  • Galactic Center
Star formation in disk galaxies: morphology, structure, and dynamics
  • Samples of nearby galaxies
  • Galactic plane surveys
  • Tracers of star formation activity
  • ISM phases
  • Effects of metallicity
  • Mass balance of the ISM
  • SNe and feedback

Star formation in disk galaxies: physical and chemical conditions

  • PDRs, XDRs
  • Ionization
  • Outflows
  • Turbulence, flows
  • Formation of molecular clouds
  • Gas and dust heating/cooling
  • Magnetic fields
  • Triggering
  • Late type stars

Formation of stars: high mass, low mass, and planetary systems

  • Formation of high mass stars
  • Formation of low mass stars
  • Disks and planets
  • Magnetic fields at high resolution

Poster sessions

Laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry
  • Molecular spectroscopy, line surveys
  • Dust analogues
  • Complex molecules
  • Chemical modelling
Future opportunities
  • New instrumental developments
Time allocation for the talks (including discussion):
Review: 35 minutes
Invited: 25 minutes
Contributed: 20 minutes



List of invited speakers A list of registered participants can be found in the Abstract Book
The series of Zermatt Symposia started in 1988 on a roughly 5 year cycle. This 5th Zermatt ISM symposium under the title of
„Conditions and Impact of Star Formation – New Results with Herschel and beyond“
continuous this series and will focus on the exciting new perspectives resulting from the Herschel data and the new opportunities to come with ALMA, JWST, SOFIA, and beyond.
The scientific program will be from Monday, Sept. 20th  in the morning to Friday, Sept. 24th, in the late afternoon. You should thus plan your arrival for Sunday, Sept. 19th.
The program of the workshop will consist of invited reviews / talks, contributed talks, and posters. Have a look at the section above to get an overview of the sessions and talks.


The conference will be held in the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof in Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is a favourable tourist place in  the remote Matter-valley. It offers beautiful hiking tours and a spectacular high alpine scenery.
Interesting  links:
Time table and ticket shop of the Swiss rail road:
Zermatt Tourism:
Gornergrat Bahn (Matterhorn Railway):

Route planner:

How to get from the airport to Zermatt:
From Zürich
From Geneva

You have to book your accommodation separately either in the Zermatterhof or through the general tourist office (see links below and on the left).

Grand Hotel  Zermatterhof (conference location):

The conference hotel has reserved all available rooms for the conference participants, but with close to 300 participants, it will be possible to only accommodate a fraction at the Zermatterhof. The rooms are given out on a first-come/first-serve basis, so that you should make reservations as early as possible.
The hotel offers rooms at a special reduced fee including a rich breakfast buffet and a delicious dinner (half board):
Single room:  255 CHF (about 174 €) / per day
Double room: 470 CHF (about 321 €) / per day
(Zermatterhof-guests attending the conference dinner on Wednesday will get a credit for the halfboard through the hotel.)
Bookings including breakfast only are possible:
Single room: 205 CHF (about 140 €) / per day
Double room: 370 CHF (about  253 €) / per day
For booking, please contact the hotel directly at:
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
Bahnhofstrasse 55
Postfach 14
CH - 3920 Zermatt
Telephone +41 27 966 66 00
Fax +41 27 966 66 99

Other Accommodation

Zermatt offers a wide range of categories of accommodation such as hostels, hotels, guest houses and chalets, which will match the price range that you are willing to afford. The tourist office of Zermatt will be pleased to assist you:
To register as participant of the conference, please go to the Congress and Seminar Management website. If you intend to present a contributed talk or poster, please read the instructions concerning Abstract submission first.
In case of problems with the registration web-pages contact either
The registration is kept open beyond the dealine announced below, but no further talks or posters can be registered.
Abstract submission
Please submit your Abstract through the registration page. Download the template latex file provided on that page and follow the instructions printed below and in the latex template. During the submission process, indicate whether you are invited speaker, apply for a contributed talk or would like to present a poster.

Invited speakers submit their Abstract directly to the local organizers at

zermatt2010-loc at .
Contributed talks are limited and will be selected by the SOC. Those not accepted as contributed talks will be changed to poster presentations. Notification on the SOC decisions will be sent out in early June.
You can include figures in your Abstract (eps only), but please do not exceed one page per Abstract including text, figures, and references. Figures will be printed in black and white in the Abstract book. In certain cases, you may want to submit more than one Abstract.
File formats accepted for upload during the registration process are:
   *.tex (single tex ASCII file with your Abstract) and
   *.zip archive files (including several *.tex and *.eps figure files for one or more abstracts).
In case of problems with the abstract submission/formatting and if you want to change your submitted abstract later, please contact

zermatt2010-loc at

Important dates and deadlines
01 April
Opening of registration and Abstract submission, possibility for payment
17 May Deadline for registration with Abstract

The registration is kept open beyond the dealine announced here, but no further talks or posters can be registered.
04 June Feedback on SOC selection of contributed talks or posters
16 July Final deadline for reduced payment, registration without presentation still possible (enhanced rates apply afterwards)
Registration for late posters is still possible
19 - 24 September Conference
19 December Deadline for submission of proceedings articles
Scientific organizing committee
Local organizing committee
Michael Burton
Jose Cernicharo
Martin Harwit
Cornell Univ.
David Hollenbach
Michael Meyer
ETH Zürich
Alain Omont
Monica Rubio
Univ. de Chile
Stephan Schlemmer
Cologne Univ.
Linda Tacconi
Xander Tielens
Leiden Sterrewacht
Glenn White
Open Univ.
United Kingdom
Satoshi Yamamoto
Tokyo Univ.

I. Physik. Inst., Cologne:

M. Akyilmaz
A. Eckart
Y. Okada
V. Ossenkopf
M. Röllig
P. Schilke
R. Simon
C. Straubmeier
J. Stutzki

AIfA, Bonn

F. Bertoldi
K. Knudsen

MPIfR, Bonn:

S. Leurini
F. Wyrowski
S. Britzen

ETH, Zürich:

A. Benz
C. Dedes-Hieret
S. Wampfler