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Formation and Development of Molecular Clouds - prospects for high resolution spectroscopy with CCAT

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Date: 5 – 7 October 2011

Venue: Cologne University, Germany

Organized by CCAT Project Science Office

If you have any questions, additional information to your registration or comments concerning the conference, you can reach the CCAT organizers via email: ccat-loc [at]

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The meeting

The CCAT Science Office announces a meeting on Formation and Development of Molecular Clouds - prospects for high resolution spectroscopy with CCAT to take place at the University of Cologne, Germany, from 5-7 October 2011.  The goal of the meeting is to get a clear vision of the potential impact of CCAT on the field of Formation and Development of Molecular Clouds, both Galactic and extragalactic, particularly using high spectral resolution instrumentation. The invited speakers have been asked to structure their talks with this goal in mind, not only reporting on past or current results from their research, but also projecting forward on the role CCAT could play in the relevant time frame, particularly in the context of observatories such as ALMA and SOFIA. 

Due to space constraints of the meeting rooms, we can host only about 100 participants, which will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. There will be time for a limited number of contributed talks, and space for a limited number of posters. These will be selected by the SOC based on the submitted abstract, and should be prepared in the same forward looking spirit as the invited talks.

Deadline for registration of contributions is July 31, 2011. Please also note at that time the contingents of blocked rooms in some hotels will be released (see Logistics).

There is no fee for this meeting, but also no proceedings.  More information on the meeting, logistics, schedule and registration as well as the conference poster can be found on the meeting website Please distribute this announcement also to other people who might be interested.


The conference dinner (you have to pay yourself!) will take place on Thursday, 6. October starting at 7pm at Brauhaus Sion.  Their website right now is pretty useless, but it is a typical brewery which features Kölsch (our local beer) and rather rustic food.  We have reserved tables for the people who told us that they are interested.  We sure can host some more, but cannot guarantee the space is sufficient if at the last minute 50 more people want to join, so please let us know if you want to come.

Information on the CCAT Project can be found on the project website