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Workshop on: Nuclei of Seyfert galaxies and QSOs - Central engine & conditions of star formation

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6-8 November 2012

Focus of the workshop


News & deadlines

Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) are ubiquitous in the Universe. It is widely accepted that most or all massive galaxies harbor a central SMBH. Apparent correlations between the black hole mass and host galaxy structural/dynamical properties, such as the M/σ relation, give rise to the notion of an intimate link between the growth of SMBHs and their host galaxies. Active galactic nuclei (AGN) represent a phase (phases) in the life of a galaxy, during which the SMBH growth is directly observable. The question is, whether such episodes provide a window onto the relevant aspects of the regulation of the growth of the bulges and the SMBHs. The focus of this workshop is on understanding the conditions of star formation in AGN and the interplay between star formation, the active nuclei, and the host galaxies - especially of intermediate redshift (z<0.1) systems - in order to bridge the gap between local, well-studied AGN and their hosts and marginally resolved high redshift AGN and their hosts.
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The Proceedings are now available at PoS.


Important dates:

Aug. 31:

  registration & abstract deadline (closed)

  application for support deadline (closed)

Sept. 20:

  notification of participants

  and speakers

Oct. 10:

  payment of registration fee at

Nov. 5:

 reception and registration


  proceedings deadline



  • Nearby galaxies and the Galactic Center
  • Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxies
  • Outflows, feedback, jets
  • Star formation in Seyfert galaxies and Quasi Stellar Objects (QSOs)
  • Galaxy mergers at all scales
  • Star formation and accretion at high redshift

Invited speakers

  • Almudena Alonso Herrero (IFCA)
  • Luigi Foschini (INAF, Brera Observatory)
  • Raffaella Morganti (ASTRON)
  • Carole Mundell (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Hagai Netzer (Tel Aviv University)
  • Lutz Wisotzki (Astrophysical Institute Potsdam)

Date and location

The workshop is jointly organized by the I. Physikalisches Institut (Universität zu Köln) and the Max-Planck Institute für Radioastronomie (MPIfR Bonn):

Date: November 6 - 8 2012


The workshop will be held at Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR) in Bonn, Auf dem Huegel 69, 53111 Bonn.

MPIfR is only a few km from Bonn center, and is served by several busses from the city center. MPIfR is also well connected by bus to Koeln-Bonn airport (the nearest), by bus/subway to Duesseldorf airport, and by train/subway/bus to Frankfurt airport. Detailed instructions how to reach MPIfR can be found at the institute webpage at

How to reach MPIfR from your Hotel: Visit the DB Bahn webpage at, choose your language at the top of the webpage, fill out the form on the left (Information & booking) with your address and the address of the MPIfR (see above) and your departure time. You will be shown some (mostly the next three) possibilities. By clicking at the arrow on the left of a connection you can reach the details of that connection (including a map).

Useful information about the city of Bonn (maps, restaurants, sights, etc.) is available at

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Number of participants

Due to the limited capacity and in order to provide a good atmosphere for discussions and scientific exchange, there will be a hard upper limit of 80 participants.

Registration & conference fee

Registration has now closed. The deadline for registration and abstract submission was Sept. 7..

There is a conference fee of 100 Euro, to be paid before Oct. 10.

In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the workshop, 75% of the registration fee is refundable. After that, no refund is possible.

Support: Very limited funding for young researchers is available. Please submit an application for funding to before August 31st, and specify your needs.
You will be notified before Sept. 20, whether, and how much, support can be supplied.


The Max-Planck Institut is easily/quickly reachable from the city center where you can find a plentitude of hotels. 

We have made a block reservation for 30 single rooms at President Hotel in Bonn from 5 - 9 November.
The rate is 114.00 EUR per night plus 13.00 EURO for breakfast.
Please write an e-mail to with the subject "seyfert 2012" to refer to the block reservation.
Please note that this offer is available until October 8, 2012.
Rooms will be booked on a first come first serve basis.

Otherwise, we kindly ask you to use your favorite travel service (e.g., Hotel Reservation System (HRS)) to find an appropriate hotel.


Nuclei of Seyfert galaxies and QSOs is supported in part by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft SFB 956, the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (MPIfR) in Bonn, the University of Cologne, and RadioNet.


In collaboration with COST Action MP0905 Black Holes in a Violent Universe and COST Action MP1104 Polarization as a tool to study the Solar System and beyond.