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Nuclei of Seyfert Galaxies and QSOs – Central Engine and Conditions of Star Formation    

Nov. 5-8, 2012, MPIfR Bonn, lecture hall 002

Monday, Nov. 5
16:30-18:30 registration
17:00-19:00 reception with snacks and drinks

Tuesday, Nov. 6

                         Session 1: Nearby galaxies and the Galactic Center
                          (chairperson: S. Komossa)

09:00 S. Komossa, Welcome
09:15 C. Mundell, Galaxies and their nuclei (review)
09:45 M. Vitale, A statistical study on SDSS radio emitters
10:00 R. Capuzzo Dolcetta, The dense stellar systems around galactic massive black
10:15 A. Eckart, The Galactic Center as a paradigm for low-luminosity nuclei ?
10:30 M. Schartmann, Simulations of the origin and fate of the Galactic Center cloud G2
10:45-11:15   coffee break and poster viewing
11:15 A. Prieto, The central parsec of galaxies in the IR
11:30 D. Asmus, Mid-infrared properties of local active galactic nuclei at high-angular
11:45 M. Bremer, The central 3 kpc of NGC 5850
12:00 S. Smajic, The central kiloparsec of edge-on AGN

12:15-14:00  lunch  (reservation at MPIfR canteen: 12:45-14:00)

                         Session 2: Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies

                          (chairperson: B. Peterson)

 14:00 L. Foschini, Powerful relativistic jets in narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies
14:30 D. Xu, NLS1 galaxy correlation space
14:45 A. Rodriguez-Ardila, Near-infrared FeII emission in IZw1 and other NLS1 galaxies                                                                                                                                                                             

15:00 D. Ilic, The variability of the optical spectra of three type 1 AGNs                                        

15:15-15:45   coffee break and poster viewing
15:45 M. Ward, A new determination of black hole spin for a NLS1
16:00 C. Done, Low black hole spin in some Narrow line Seyfert 1s
16:15 G. Orban de Xivry, Secular evolution in NLS1 galaxies and the growth of their
                                         black holes
16:30 M. Valencia-S, IRAS 01072+4954: A low-mass black hole with high accretion
                                   rate = NLSy1?
16:45 J. Zuther, NLS1s in a sample of low-z type-1 QSOs


Wednesday, Nov. 7  

                         Session 3: Outflows, jets and feedback
                          (chairperson: M. Ward)

09:00 R. Morganti, Outflows, feedback, jets  (review)
09:30 F. Hamann, The physics and physical properties of quasar outflows
09:45 Z. Paragi, Jet scaling relations in LLAGN: A VLBI view
10:00 M. Karouzos, Star-formation in the host galaxies of radio-AGN
10:15 L. Fuhrmann, The radio/gamma-ray connection: cm to short-mm band radio
                   and gamma-ray correlated variability in Fermi bright blazars
10:30 B. Rani, Rapid variability: what do we learn from correlated mm-/gamma-ray
                   variability in jets ?
10:45-11:15   coffee break and poster viewing
11:15 B. Husemann, The lack of QSO outflows and the suppression of star formation
                    in Seyfert galaxies
11:30 A. Tsai, The kpc-scale molecular outflows in two nearby starburst galaxies,
                       NGC 2146 and NGC 3628
11:45 A. Shulevski, AGN life cycles - the low frequency story as told by LOFAR
12:00 J.A. Fernández Ontiveros, The nature of the IR emission in LLAGNs at parsec
                                scales: does the jet dominate at low luminosities?

12:15-14:00  lunch  (reservation at MPIfR canteen: 12:45-14:00)

                         Session 4: Seyferts and QSOs: BH masses, scaling relations,
                                            and star formation  
                         (chairperson: H. Netzer)

14:00 L. Wisotzki (review)
14:30 B. Peterson, Masses of Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei
14:45 J.-H. Woo, Do AGN and non-AGN galaxies have different M-sigma relations?
15:00 J. Kotilainen, Quasar host galaxies and environments in the SDSS Stripe 82
15:15-15:45   coffee break and poster viewing
15:45 K. Tristram, The properties of dusty tori in active galactic nuclei revealed by infrared
16:00 Y. Toba, Luminosity dependent covering factor of the dust torus around AGN viewed
                        with AKARI and WISE
16:15 F. Pozo, Photometric reverberation mapping of 3C120
16:30 C. Bruckmann, Modelling reverberation data of 3C120 - evidence for a disk like BLR
16:45 S. Raimundo, Probing the inner regions of MCG-06-30-15: the link between AGN
                                 activity and star formation
17:00 H. Flohic, Structure of the accretion flow at low accretion rates

19:30 Buffet dinner at the Chinese “Ocean Paradise”

Thursday, Nov. 8  

                         Session 4, cont’d: Seyfert galaxies and QSOs
                          (chairperson: C. Mundell)

09:00 E. Bottacini, AGN in the local universe with the SIX survey: evolution and
                              circum-nuclear environment
09:15 G. La Mura, Nuclear activity and stellar mass in galaxies
09:30 L. Popovic, Spectral properties of a sample of type 1 AGNs: influence of star  
09:45 P.-C. Yu, Testing the evolutionary sequence between hidden broad line region
                          (HBLR) and non-HBLR Seyfert 2 galaxies
                         Session 5: Galaxy mergers on all scales

10:00 A. Alonso-Herrero,  AGN and star formation activity in local luminous and  
                                         ultraluminous infrared galaxies (review)
10:30 C. Villforth, Morphologies of low-redshift AGN host galaxies: what role does
                             AGN luminosity play?
10:45-11:15   coffee break and poster viewing
11:15 S. König, The anatomy of polar ring minor merger systems: NGC 1614
11:30 M. Mezcua, Merger-triggered AGN activity and binary SMBHs in the local universe:  
                              X-shaped radio galaxies and double-nucleus disk galaxies
11:45 D. Dicken, Star formation and mergers in nearby radio galaxies
12:00 S. Britzen, Searching for supermassive binary black holes with VLBI

12:15-14:00  lunch  (reservation at MPIfR canteen: 12:45-14:00)

                         Session 6: Star formation and accretion at high redshift
                         (chair person: A. Eckart)

14:00 H. Netzer, Star formation and BH accretion at high redshift (review)
14:30 K. Denney, Measuring black hole masses at high redshift
14:45 D. Rosario, Star-formation in active galaxies to z~2: a perspective from
                             Herschel studies
15:00 C. Collet, Mechanical AGN feedback, from very powerful to moderately strong
                          high-redshift radio galaxies
15:15-15:45   coffee break and poster viewing
15:45 F. Carrera, Submm-bright QSOs at z~2: signposts of co-evolution at high z
16:00 S.X. Wang, AGN in submm galaxies - combining the power of Chandra and
16:15 M. Symeonidis, AGN in dusty hosts: implications for galaxy evolution
16:30 T. Urrutia, Feedback and accretion in young luminous quasars
16:45 D. Sluse, Probing the inner structure of distant AGNs with gravitational lensing                                                    

17:00 E. Angelakis, Properties of the radio jet emission of gamma-ray Narrow Line
                                Seyfert 1s                                                                                                                              

17:15 farewell
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