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Climatic conditions on Gornergrat

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The observatory is located at an altitude of 3089 m (10,134 ft.) on the Gornergrat at the endpoint of the 2nd-highest railway route of Europe. It is surrounded by some of the most impressive and famous peaks of the Alps with heights above 4000m and exposes a view of the Monte Rosa and the well-known Matterhorn. At any time, the region around Zermatt is an excellent skiing area.

The location of the telescope is ideal for radioastronomical observations at high frequencies. Weather conditions and atmospheric transparency are discussed in the KOSMA Technical Memorandum No 5. During winter season, the cummulative probability to find an atmospheric zenith transparency at 350GHz of 0.60 (tau=0.50) is 60%. The atmospheric pressure at the altitude of 3100m is only 690mb. In wintertime, the temperature can drop below -30 Degree Celsius and in summer it rarely rises above 15 Degree Celsius.

The current weather condition at Gornergrat are monitored by a live camera.

The exact geographic location of the observatory is:

Latitude  = 45.984 Degree
Longitude =  7.784 Degree

The local time is MEZ (Central European Time = UT + 1 h) or MESZ (Summer Time = UT + 2 h).