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Morino Lecturer 2009

The Morino foundation has selected and invited Stephan Schlemmer to Japan as a Morino lecturer for 2009. The lecture series will be held in May 2009 and comprise visits of Tayoma, Nagoya University, Okayama University, Kyushu University (Hakata/Fukuoka), Hiroshima City University, and University of Tokyo. As part of the visit the "9th Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy" will be held in Toyama University where most of the Japanese high-resolution spectroscopists will attend.

(Dec. 2008)

Guest Professorship at Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)

Stephan Schlemmer has been awarded a guest professorship at the Universite Paul Sabattier at Toulouse. The research visit in March and June 2009 will involve a continuation of the long time collaboration with Prof. Christine Joblin on ion trapping and spectroscopy of PAHs. Also a collaboration with Prof. Adam Walters on the spectroscopy of complex molecules will be continued.

(Sept. 2008)

Popular Science Article (in German): Populärwissenschaftlicher Artikel in Astronomie und Raumfahrt

Was haben Laborexperimente mit Astronomie zu tun?

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