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Successful Vibration Test

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The COLOGNE/CSL Team with the LRSDPA on the shaker tableSuccessful Vibration Test Campaign of the LRSDPA for JWST!

Cologne contributes to the Mid Infrared Instrument (MIRI) of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor of the famous Hubble Space Telescope. The 'Low Resolution Double Prism Assembly', which will be implemented in the MIRI imager, is designed and fabricated in house at the 1st Institute of Physics.

We are proud to announce that, after extensive testing, the LRSDPA qualification model successfully survived the vibration tests performed at the Centre Spatial de Liege on March 27th. After this huge step towards the final qualification, with the cryo-cycling is still pending, the delivery of the LRSDPA flight model to the MIRI imager team at CEA is scheduled for May! Read more

(April 2008, sfi)