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Rotational Study of Carbon Monoxide Solvated with Helium Atoms

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High resolution microwave and millimeter-wave spectra of HeN–CO clusters with N up to 10, produced in a molecular expansion, were observed. Two series of J = 1 – 0 transitions were detected, which correspond to the a-type and b-type J = 1 – 0 transitions of He1–CO. The B rotational constant initially decreases with N and reaches a minimum at N = 3. Its subsequent rise indicates the transition from a molecular complex to a quantum solvated system already for N = 4. For N > 5, the B-value becomes larger than that of He1–CO, indicating an almost free rotation of CO within the helium environment.

Surin et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 233401 (2008)