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HIFI healthy and ready for launch

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HIFIHIFI performed the last health check on ground.

The instrument is now ready for further integration onto the launcher, and of course ready for launch, the next power-on will be in space!

Upcoming events:

Some satellite tests need to be performed until end of this week. Friday March 20 Herschel and Planck will be moved to the clean room (S5B) for hydrazine thruster filling, and then (April 6) to clean room (BAF) for integration with the Ariane 5, which already now is there waiting for us. The launch is planned for end of April.


Image: (c) ESA

fsc, 2009-03-10
update 2009-03-13, fsc: changed launch date :-(
update 2009-04-09, fsc: new launch date is 2009-05-06