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Poster presentations

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Poster size is 1.0m (width) x 1.8m (heights).

List of poster contributions

(the numbers are identical to those which will be displayed at the poster boards):


(01) N. Bon, Properties of the nuclear region and the host galaxy in type 2 galaxies

(02) J. Buchner, Securing high-z AGN candidates: X-ray spectral analysis for reliable redshifts

(03) G. Busch, Cologne Nearby QSO sample

(04) V. Cracco, The role of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies in the frame of the AGN Unified Model

(05) E. Cooper, WPVS007: evidence for accelerating wind in a narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxy ?

(06) X. Dong, Detecting AGNs using multi-filter imaging data

(07) A. Ermash, Luminosity function of Narrow-Line Seyfert galaxies based on SDSS DR7 data

(08) A. Hernán-Caballero, Stellar populations and star formation in AGN hosts at
                     intermediate redshift in the SHARDS survey

(09) L. Hernández García, X-Ray Variability in LINERs   -- cancelled

(10) C. Iserlohe, Dynamics of the NLR in NGC4151: Interaction of the jet with the NLR and hot H2.

(11) L. Labadie,  tbd

(12) T. Miyiaji, AKARI IRC 2.5-5 micron spectroscopy of Swift BAT AGNs: Star-formation in AGNs

(13) L. Moser, The low-redshift borderline type-1 QSO sample: CO line emission of three
          nearby Seyfert galaxies

(14) J. Moultaka, L- and M-band views of the central parsec

(15) J. Polednikova, Optical microvariability in Seyfert 2 galaxies

(16) J. Ramirez, Reviewing the possible link between X-ray low- and high-velocity outflows in AGNs

(17) J. Runnoe, The orientation dependence of quasar single-epoch black hole mass scaling relationships

(18) B. Shahzamanian, Polarized NIR observations of Sagittarius A*

(19) C. Stalin, Spectral Energy Distribution and intranight optical variability of gamma-ray loud
           Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies

(20) A. Tsai, The MIR properties of red QSOs

(21) B. Villarroel, AGN environments: is the viewing angle sufficient to explain the difference
               between broad-line and narrow-line AGN?

(22) C. Villforth, Host galaxies of binary AGN

(23) M. Zetzl, Spectral monitoring campaigns of 3C 120 and ESO 374-G25

(24)  N. Sabha, On the nature of diffuse NIR emission in the innermost arcsecond of the Galactic Center