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Chirped-Pulse Spectroscopy


Jet and FTMW spectroscopy have replaced classical rotational spectroscopy in the microwave and millimeter wave regime as more complex molecules need higher sensitivity and lower temperatures to be detected in the laboratory. But having their own limitations, like short repetition cycles with jet valves, taking spectra and finding lines still used to be a time consuming task. With the advancement of semiconductor technology new methods of signal creation and detection were developed. With the availability of arbitrary waveform generators the FTMW spectroscopy was extended using a chirped pulse instead of a single frequency excitation signal. ...more


Example of a measured FID Signal for NH3.
The Fourier transformed FID signal results in a spectrum for NH3.


Waveguide Chirped-Pulse Experiment

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Cologne Spectrometer for cold Molecules in Interstellar Clouds (COSMIC)

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