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Para-Hydrogen Converter

Responsible person

  • asvany
  • gaertner


For the conversion of ortho hydrogen into para hydrogen two environmetal conditions are necessary: The environment has to be cooled down below 20 K and a paramagnetic catalyst material has to present. The low temperature shifts the equilibrium of energy level occupancy to almost 100 % of para hydrogen (rotational ground state). The paramagnetic catalyst enables the spin flip of the molecules from ortho to para hydrogen. There are several methods how to bring the hydrogen into and out of this conversion environment. ...more


Figure 1: Schematic of the conversion chamber of para hydrogen generator and the freeze out production of p-H2.
Figure 2: The para hydrogen generator setup.
Figure 3: Raman spectrum of normal and para hydrogen. For the para hydrogen sample, the ortho-line in the center of the spectrum is below the detection limit.


  • Funding by SFB 956.
  • Sabrina Gärtner and was supported by BCGS.