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100 GHz room-temperature emission spectrometer

Responsible person

  • wehres
  • hermanns
  • lewen
  • heyne


The modern developments of highly sensitive room-temperature low-noise amplifiers in combination with room-temperature mixers as well as advances in digital Fast Fourier transform spectrometers (FFTSs) for the space and ground observatories make also laboratory emission spectroscopy very attractive, in the light of the possibility of fast measurements of high resolution broadband spectra with high sensitivity and precise line intensities. Thus, emission spectroscopy is of interest for the spectroscopy itself, allowing fast broadband spectral measurements, and for the physical chemistry, providing measurements of absolute line intensities and shapes. ...more


Schematic overview of the 100 GHz emission spectrometer is shown.
Methyl Cyanide emission spectrum. Upper panel: ground state methyl cyanide. Middle and upper panel: vibrationally excited state transitions.