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The GENESIS project

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GENeration and Evolution of  Structures in the ISm

GENeration et Evolution des Structures du milieu InterStellaire


is a German/French collaboration project, supported for three years (start 1.5. 2017) by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinde (DFG) and the Agence national de recherche (ANR).

German coordinators are Robert Simon and Nicola Schneider (I. Physik. Institut, University of Cologne)

French coordinator is Sylvain Bontemps (Laboratoire d'astrophysique, Universite de Bordeaux)

The objective of this research project is to better understand the structure and evolution of molecular clouds in the interstellar medium (ISM) and to link cloud structure with star-formation.  For that, far-infrared observations of dust (Herschel) and cooling lines (SOFIA) are combined with ground-based submillimetre observations of molecular lines. Dedicated analysis tools will be used and developed to analyse the maps and compared to simulations in order to disentangle the underlying physical processes such as gravity, turbulence, magnetic fields, and radiation.

A new and innovative approach is to combine the competence of the members of the Cologne KOSMA group in structure identification methods and SOFIA with the expertise of the Bordeaux LAB star formation group in Herschel and spectro-imaging maps, and the Bordeaux GeoStat team of the INRIA institute who are experts in nonlinear methods for the analysis of complex systems.

Project summary




GENESIS participants


Cologne Bordeaux
Robert Simon, Nicola Schneider,Volker Ossenkopf, Markus Roellig + Post-Docs/students

LAB: Sylvain Bontemps, Arabindo Roy, Lars Bonne, Fabrice Herpin, Jonathan Braine, Nathalie Brouillet, Thierry Jacq + Post-Docs/students

INRIA: Hussein Yahia, Guillaume Attuel, Nicolas Brodu+ Post-Docs and students

External collaborators

ATN Canberra ITA/ZAH Heidelberg IPAG
Christoph Federrath Ralf Klessen, Simon Glover Frederique Motte, Thomas Nony
LERMA Paris Institute of astronomy, Cardiff Argelander Institut, Bonn
Antoine Gusdorf Paul Clark, Ana Duarte-Cabral, Nicolas Peretto Juergen Kerp
MPIfR Bonn ESO CASS San Diego
Timea Csengeri Fernando Comeron Alexei Kritsuk
CEA Saclay CfA Harvard  
Pascal Tremblin Phil Myers  


GENESIS Kick-off meeting 28. and 29.9.2017 in Bordeaux