Reports on Cyanamide, H2NCN, in the ISM

Cyanamide seems to be a fairly typical hot core molecule that is quite abundant. The 41,3 – 31,2 and 51,4 – 41,3 transitions of this molecule near 80.5 and 100.6 GHz were detected toward Sgr B2 by
B. E. Turner, H. S. Liszt, N. Kaifu, and A. G. Kisliakov,
Microwave Detection of Interstellar Cyanamide
Astrophys. J. 201, L149–L152 (1975).
Additional transitions were detected later. Furthermore, the molecule has also been detected in other hot core sources.

Contributor(s): H. S. P. Müller; 12, 2011