On Methylamine, CH3NH2, in the ISM

N. Kaifu, M. Morimoto, K. Nagane, K. Akabane, T. Iguchi, and K. Takagi,
reported on the
Detection of Interstellar Methylamine
Astrophys. J. 191, L135–L137 (1974).
They used they Mitaka 6 m telescope for the a, 515 – 505 transition near 73.0 GHz and the 11 m Kitt Peak telescope for the s, 414 – 404 transition near 86.1 GHz to detect molecular emission from Sagittarius B2.

At the same time,
N. Fourikis, K. Takagi, and M. Morimoto,
reported on the
Detection of Interstellar Methylamine by its 202 – 110 Aa State Transition
Astrophys. J. 191, L139–L141 (1974).
They used the Parkes 64 m telecope to detect the transition near 8.8 GHz in emission toward Sagittarius B2.

Both papers mentioned above reported also the detection toward the Orion A molecular cloud, however, these detections are incorrect, see e.g.
L. E. B. Johansson, C. Andersson, J. Elldér, P. Friberg, Å. Hjalmarson, B. Höglund, W. M. Irvine, H. Olofsson, and G. Rydbeck,
Spectral scan of Orion A and IRC+10216 from 72 to 91 GHz
Astron. Astrophys. 191, L139–L141 (1974).

Contributor(s): H. S. P. Müller; 03, 2016