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Talks and tutorials at the SOFIA winter school 2014

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SOFIA winter school 2014 - Program

Monday, February 10 Tuesday, February 11 Wednesday, February 12 Thursday, February 13 Friday, February 14
H. Zinnecker
SOFIA: An Introduction … and all the Jazz!
P. Schilke
Interstellar Chemistry
S. Walch
Molecular cloud formation, structure, dynamics, turbulence
K. Menten
Synergies with ground based observatories and new SOFIA science
S. Madden
R. Güsten, S.Heyminck
V. Ossenkopf
Information from fine structure lines: How to excite C+, O and N+?
S. Glover
Molecular cloud simulations
S. Heyminck
GREAT extension to full frequency coverage
A. Gusdorf, M. Röllig
Interstellar Shocks and
An Introduction to PDRs
A. Krabbe
The Far Infrared Field Imaging Line Spectrometer FIFI-LS for SOFIA
S. Schlemmer
Deuteration, ortho/para, isotopes / isotopologues
R. Klessen, N. Schneider
Star Formation
M. Sornig
A GREAT 17/28 μm upgrade
J. Stutzki
Fundamentals and Practical Aspects
of Heterodyne Detection
E. Young
US SOFIA instruments and instrumentation program
A. Krabbe
FIFI-LS: observing modes
S. Wolf
The potential of imaging polarimetry
U. Graf
LARGE Heterodyne arrays for SOFIA
GREAT simulated observing
H. Yorke
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium; Heating and Cooling
  T. Giesen
Spectroscopy of Molecular Radicals
P. Hartogh
Solar System Science with SOFIA
    G. Sandell
Proposal prep. and submission tool / SOFIA phase II planning and scheduling
W.  Kley
Theoretical Aspects of Exoplanet Observations
      A. Krabbe
NIR Spectroscopy of transiting Exoplanets with SOFIA
Ideas for a dedicated instrument
      E. Young
Long Wavelength IR Detectors
and the Implications for SOFIA
S. Heyminck
MKID arrays on SOFIA